Yogiraj Karanpal manages and administration of the Sansar Gyan Pathshala in Pritamgarh and also undertakes many other social service projects to help underserved children lead happy healthy lives. He is a teacher and has organized Yoga camps in many states across India for the past 20 years. 

Yogiraj always had a special interest in Yoga and spirituality. After undergraduate education, he lived in the company of many saints and attained spiritual knowledge. He received education and spiritual teachings from Swami Indravesh ji, Swami Yoganand ji, Swami Omvesh ji, Swatantra Muni ji, and Swami Premanand Saraswati.

Yogiraj received a Masters’s in Yoga education and knowledge of Ayurveda from Yogiraj Vishwapal Jayant ji and he received sannyasa initiation from Swami Somnath Giri (Mahayogi Pilot Baba ji). He also studied herbs and Ayurveda. 

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