Shriman (Marcelo)

Shriman (Marcelo)

Shriman (Marcelo Guedes) believes that a disciplined yogic lifestyle has the power to heal and enliven the practitioner. After 8 years of dedicated practice both alone and in community, under the guidance of Yogrishi Vishviketu, he has learned that when we connect with our joy individually, we grow stronger collectively. And because Shriman is a world traveler who has shared in the light of yoga on 4 continents, he cares deeply about the collective.

In 2017 he spent nearly a year in India fully immersed in the traditional teachings and ancient wisdom. During this time he completed his 200YTT at Ananda Prakash Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh. 

Since then Shriman has taught Akhanda Yoga at yoga centers and festivals around the world helping students become healthier emotionally, physically, and mentally. His powerful gift with music can be experienced through one of his sound healings which include a wide variety of sound and vibrations like the handpan and the dirijridoo. 

As of the year of 2022, Shriman has made Ananda Prakash his home again for awhile. He completed his 300YTT and is enjoying sharing the art of yoga with practitioners from all over the world. 

Shriman says, “I am forever deeply grateful for the holistic & traditional teachings of Akhanda Yoga and the joy that Guruji (Vishva Ji) has brought into my life.”

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