Pranav Baba (Piero Casanova)

Pranav Baba (Piero Casanova)

Pranav Baba has travelled in India since 1994, drawn to the spiritual power of the Ganga River. He has studied with Yogrishi Vishvketu since 1999 when he attended his first retreat at Yoga Niketan. Since then he has completed all YTTs, the Pranayama Foundations YTT, the Advanced Pranayama YTT, and several trainings in India, Canada and Italy, where he has hosted the Akhanda Yoga Italia Meetings since 2005.

His Yoga and spiritual studies have taken him from the Kumbh Mela to the Vivekananda Institute to Benares Hindu University, and many other places and teachers.

Dedicated Teaching Team, Pranav Baba is based in Italy where he co-founded the YaMM yoga festival in Italy. In his classes he emphasizes the empathic communication of Yoga, especially for a deeper meaning of pranayama, and the transformative nature of Yoga through Five Koshas Theory and the Art of Sequencing.

Pranav Baba says: “The more we learn from Vedic wisdom, the more we have the opportunity to remain an absolute beginner in the Yogic path with enthusiasm.”

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