Jeanie ​​Jyanti

Jeanie ​​Jyanti

Jeanie Jyanti (she/her) is passionate about taking Yoga off the mat and helping others discover the many aspects of Yoga and how they can be integrated into everyday life.

Jeanie Jyanti completed her 300 hour YTT, 100 hour Lunar Yoga and 100 hour Prenatal Yoga with Akhanda Yoga Institute. She has also completed 200 hours of Prenatal and Fertility training, as well as Yin Yoga training, in the United Kingdom and Ireland. She specializes in women’s health, especially fertility, prenatal, birth, and postnatal Yoga.

Her desire is to preserve the ancient teachings of Yoga, gifted to us from Mother India, and to share the immense benefits of Yoga.

She says: “Akhanda Yoga has allowed me to connect, on a deeper level, to the true essence of Yoga and share this as a student, a teacher, and a teacher trainer.”

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