Express Yourself – How to Balance the Fifth Chakra with Akhanda Yoga

The fifth chakra is intimately connected with the second chakra of creativity. While the sacral chakra’s yantra is the crescent moon, the fifth is a full blue moon. The energy generated in the second chakra is now utilized for powerful and authentic self expression. When low, energy in the throat vortex causes inability to speak up or share your truth. People often feel that even friends and family don’t understand who they really are and what they’re trying to bring forth in their lives. If energy burst into this chakra in an imbalanced way, speech may be inappropriate and melancholy or jealousy manifesting in a disbalanced heart may unleash spiteful words. Issues at the heart and throat can be truly distressing on a deep personal level. But, take heart with these practical tools, and radiate with dynamism and integrity!

How to Balance the Throat Chakra:

  • For the sacral chakra, we recommended journaling. For the Throat, stand in front of a mirror and look deeply into your own eyes. Nurture yourself with positive affirmations about who you are, your fruitful accomplishments and small steps you’re taking to step into who you really want to be in this world. “You are enough!”, “You are a loving mother.” “Today, you wrote a wonderful new version of your teacher’s bio that more creatively and clearly convey what you offer and what it’s like to be in your class.”
  • Next, stay in front of the mirror, and voice something that you feel about someone in your life, but have not yet been able to share. We’re often shy with compliments, feeling that others will find us mushy or think we want something from them. Practice right here – visualize yourself talking to a friend or family member you wish you could tell how much they mean to you, perhaps in spite of certain challenges. “Last time we spoke, I felt that you really heard me, and I wanted to tell you how much that meant to me. I cherish you as a (friend, family member etc).” These practice sessions will soon make authentic speech more available to you in real-time.
  • Are you creative, but hesitate putting your creations out in the world? Of course creativity is personally enriching, but the full effect of creation is not realized if the final step of allowing others to receive and appreciate it is not actualized. Think of an area of your life that you are hiding out in that others may benefit from your sharing. Are you a closet poet? Do you sing in the shower? Are you a book nut, but have not shared your enthusiasm through online reviews or reading clubs? There are myriads of ways that we develop often very established hobbies that others could benefit from or share in. Take a good hard look at how you may be playing small, while hiding out in being humble or enjoying solitary pursuits. There are lots of modern ways of sharing that are ideal for the introvert! This week, commit to exploring how you might put yourself out there more!
  • A shout out to those working for Helping Hands for India – you’ve helped build and sustain a free school for more than 250 underserved children! Great Work!! July is Karma Yoga month at Akhanda Yoga and Helping Hands. How can you help? Announce a Karma Yoga class and donate the proceeds to HHFI. To find out more, and be a part of the wave of generosity, visit the special page on the HHFI siteabout July’s Karma Yoga drive and the lovely blog post or video clip by Anandi.
  • Need some practical tools for the throat – many asanas work on this area. Start your day with cat/cow with the teeth closed and a particular focus on the throat. Try also lowering down into Puppy with the chin on the earth for a great passive throat opener, followed by Rabbit. A bit more intense, shoulder stand, plow and fish or wheel are a wonderful set. I also enjoy asana with vocalization. For example, empty coat sleeves. Stand with your feet hip distance apart and swing your arms around you as you twist. Inhale to the centre and exhale as you twist to the rear making the sound firmly and loudly: HA.
  • Easy-peasy – sing! Kirtan and Vedic mantra chanting have been wonderful for me in terms of liberating the throat chakra. Start with Jal neti and even Sutra neti if you’re interesting in cleansing. Then sing loudly, trying out all of your registers – higher pitched – lower pitched. There are certain frequencies in the mid-range where you will really feel the activation of the heart and throat.
  • Now you’re ready to meditate! Visualize the Yantra of the 5th chakra: blue circle, and chant its Mantra: Om Ham, keeping your attention on the back of the throat.


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