Along side all things Akhanda, the Ashram has also hosted AYO film shoots! Savita’s energetic classes were recorded right on the Ashram rooftop. Come home to the Ashram in your own living room with Akhanda Yoga Online!

Akhanda Intermediate – Radiant Now
​Join Savita for this energizing class with clear, precise cueing. This practice is set to the theme Atha Yoganushasanam – Yoga guides us to the now. By harmonizing breath and movement, we are able to draw ourselves gradually into the radiant present moment and rest in our true nature.

Akhanda Intermediate – Happy Heart
​Join Savita for this class devoted to the Heart chakra. Together you will chant the bija mantra for the Heart – Om Yam, and work up to super heart-opening postures like Camel, Bow and Wheel. This class closes with a visualization of the Heart chakra’s yantra, the sage green six-pointed start.

Akhanda Intermediate – We are One
​Join Savita on the Ashram rooftop for this grounding intermediate class set to the theme Ham-So, I am one with All That Is, and our inner-most nature is part of that Whole. In this practice, you will flow through grounding postures like side angle, strong pose, Kali squat with lion mudra and close with the Bhramari breath and the inward encouragement of the Sunmuki mudra, directing the senses inward.