Last week we talked about grounding the heart. Once we’ve created a stable container for energy to flow – grounded from the navel downward, the energy of Mother Earth can rise up toward the navel. There is a nadi that allows the radiance of the navel chakra to move directly up to the heart and to broadcast this energy outward. Lower chakras are for consolidating and the upper chakras are for connecting. This begins with the heart chakra.
See how in Apsarasana (Angel pose), we ground into the standing leg and engage the lower abdominals to create this solid base, and then from the navel upwards, the whole chest lifts and blossoms like a beacon.
Let’s tap into our inner Earth Angel today. What Mother Earth gives, we’ll raise up and transmit through the heart, sending love and nurturance to those who may feel disconnected from the energies of affection and acceptance.
For all those who are on their own or could use more loving attention, we can start the journey with memory and appreciation. We’ve all likely had moments of feeling our cup was filled. Remembering this experience can give a boost that enables us to create those conditions again. Remember. You are loved!

When the unforgettable calls you––

The memory of something noble,

Generous, inspiring,

Accept the gift.

Savour every detail.

The beauty we admire

Is a visitation from another moment,

Infusing the body and heart.

Memory transports us beyond time and space,

Into the living presence of wonder.

Vijnana Bhairava Tantra # 119 –– The Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche, p. 131

Happy Valentine’s Day, Earth Angel!

Pranic Exploration at Kripalu

Prana work is a powerful tool for transformation. The Upanishads call prana work Prana Agni Hotra, or fire ceremony with the breath, and it’s a profound practice that cyclically offers the in-breath into the out-breath, the out-breath into the in-breath.

Embark on a deep exploration of prana work and expand your life-force energy with Yogrishi at Kripalu Center in Massachusetts.

When: May 15 – 17, 2020

Heart Connection at Sanctum 

Join Vishva-ji and Prem at the annual Akhanda Retreat in Alberta this May! A retreat is a great time to experience living as ritual, to slow down and to joyfully soak in the community, the practice, and the natural environment. Sanctum retreat has been lovingly renovated and the vaulted yoga room is even more spacious and uplifting. Celebrate the new decade and fresh visions for 2020 at this vibrant 2-day gathering, which many consider a yearly event not to be missed!

When: May 29 – 31, 2020

Yogrishi Returns to Colorado

Vishva-ji is excited to be presenting at the Hanuman Festival again this year. Join him and many other wonderful teachers for community and celebration this June! The theme of the festival is Return to the Heart.

Get a 10% discount on a festival pass with coupon code: Yogrishi2020

When: June 11 – 14, 2020

Next he’ll be heading to the spectacular heights of the Telluride Yoga Festival. Leave your car behind and take a gondola to Yoga class! Sneak peak – Vishva-ji will be offering two Classical Kundalini classes, a pranayama session and a restorative Hatha-Raja.

When: June 25 – 28, 2020

Om for now,

Chétana and the Akhanda Yoga Team!