Two weeks ago we introduced three essential parts of unleashing the Power of Intention – Sankalp Shakti.

  • Identifying the vision
  • Designing practical, achievable steps
  • Checking in regularly and holding yourself to daily and weekly steps

Visioning is fun, but the purpose of blazing a trail is the enjoyment of walking it! Let’s make check-ins fun!

Have you ever had the fear of opening a document you know you need to work on? A novel, a blog post, an essay or thesis. It can make you sweat, your breath become halting. Just two clicks – File – Open. 

Rather than delaying, find a step you feel jazzed about. Keep the energy moving. If you’re writing, tell yourself you’ll just read through the document in a relaxed way without needing to tackle anything. Just get the damn thing open. Or, open a new file and write a further scene, paragraph, or later post. Don’t feel you have to stick with a particular linear order. Once you do, the momentum of taking regular steps that are enjoyable and less pressure will carry you forward so that after day or weeks of taking small actions, you’ll be ready to dive into what ever had you stuck. Sometimes when you get back to it, you even wonder why it seemed so insurmountable in the first place!

The Way to Keep Moving? Check-ins!

Do I really need to check in every day, you ask? Yes! Even more so, every week. Set the time. First thing in the morning, or last thing at night. Those precious moments of quiet first thing in the morning and when everyone else has gone to bed at night can be so sweet.

Find a tangible symbol of this vision that you can hold on to or put somewhere in your regular daily sightline that’s uncluttered, such as on a mantle or puja table. This symbol of your goal will be the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night.

Add an element you enjoy to your check-ins. This is YOU time!

  • Light a candle – view your colourful visioning poster
  • Add a drop of rose or bergamot essential oil to your hands, bring it to your face and inhale! Ahhh! You will associate these nurturing and motivating aromas with your check-in process and it will become a treasured time of day.
  • In the quiet, gently revisit your vision. Hold your symbol in your hand.
  • Celebrate the steps you’ve taken and feel inner appreciation for all you’ve accomplished
  • Look to where the momentum is taking you or the steps you’ll be working on tomorrow or in the coming week
  • Send love to an image of yourself taking that step in the coming day or week

A check-in can be a pre-cursor to meditation in the evening, or an integration after meditation in the morning!

In the morning: Coming from bed, we can often slip right into meditation. And then afterwards, it is nice to have a step of connection with the day from that recollected place.

In the evening: Once you’ve acknowledged where you’re at, laid any worries to rest and sent love to yourself in your day, you’re ready for meditation.

It only takes a few minutes! And you’ll feel the benefits of these precious few minutes allowing you to almost effortlessly recalibrate and stay with the natural flow of momentum. Effortless effort – the small effort to maintain presence, to maintain your course.