Get Inspired: 

Creativity plays a large part in our sense of self and well-being in life. When our creativity wanes, life may become dull or predictable. Though we need routine to feel grounded, we also need regular bursts of inspiration to liven things up. The greatest douser of inspiration and creativity is busyness. Being too busy just keeping daily life going does not allow any space for contemplation, day dreaming or new, fresh ideas or projects.

Take the Time:

So this week, let’s all make a commitment to dedicate a few hours to kindle the fires of inspiration. It may start with a walk in nature or a much needed yoga class, and then some time in an independent cafe you’ve never been to before with your journal, sketchbook or visioning notebook in hand.  Put pencil to paper and see where it takes you. Maybe to a poem, project outline or blog post you’ve been wanting to compose!

Savour with Gratitude:

Creativity is also fuelled by gratitude and thanksgiving! When we take the time to savour and give thanks, we have time to allow for our inner being’s lyrical response to the simple every day blessings: nature, family, friends and neighbours, a sense of purpose or calling, the teachings of yoga, poets and philosophers who have had the courage to put their thoughts out in the world to inspire generations to come.

Take Your Place:

And why not us! Why is it that we feel we don’t have the right to put our art, our teaching, our blog voice out into the world and watch it blossom? This Thanks Giving, let us soak in the gratitude of life, nature and the teachings and allow ourselves the space and time and the right to take creative time and send our creative pieces out in the world! Jai!