How to get to Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram:


The closest airport to the Ashram is Dehradun’s Joly Grand Airport, just 30 minutes from the Ashram by car. You may have to fly into Delhi and get a connector flight (Jet, Spice Jet or Indigo offer this service). Otherwise, from Delhi you can take either a train, bus or hire a car.


There is a train from New Delhi called the Shatabdhi Express that leaves at 6:55AM daily and takes 4.5 hours to Haridwar. From Haridwar, you can take a bus to Rishikesh and a 3-wheeler to the Ashram, or a taxi directly to the ashram. The taxi can be arranged for you by the Ashram.


There are buses from many locations in India to Rishikesh bus terminal.


Please email the Ashram to arrange a taxi from Delhi, Haridwar or Dehradun. Three days advance notice, or more, is helpful to ensure a car is available.

Once you are in Rishikesh:

If you book your own taxi or auto-rickshaw (also called 3-wheeler or tuktuk), tell the driver to go to Laxman Jhoola stop on Badrinath Road (the high road). Tuktuks can be hired to take you alone for downtown for 50 rupees, or will stop to pick up others like a mini-bus and each passenger pays 5-10 rupees. From the tuktuk stop, continue walking along Badrinath Road about 1 kilometer. You will see signs for Dewa Retreat, AyurPak and the Ashram. Shortly afterwards take a small lane going downhill. Take the first left, and you will see AyurPak Restaurant and next door, Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram. The Ashram building is yellow with red trim. There are many ashrams signs with directions.