YTT 100 Pranayama Foundations (Breathwork Training) Program

July 10 – August 25, 2021

Welcoming this rare opportunity to train online at a YTT 300 hour level with Himalayan Master and Nath Yogi, Yogrishi Vishvketu! Explore the fundamentals of teaching pranayama and sequencing customised breathwork practices with a Master Teacher Trainer in this conveniently paced virtual 100 hour YTT. This program is also the prerequisite to enrol in our Pranayama Masters (Breathwork Expert) 100 hour YTT program.

Empower yourself as a breathwork instructor with breathwork coaching skills, authentic yogic wisdom and ancient pranayama techniques. A life transforming toolkit at a time when emotional wellbeing, health and self-healing have never been so important throughout the entire world!

This course seeks to (re)educate teachers and students alike on the correct technique and sequencing of traditional pranayamas and Kriyas including Kapalbhati, Bhastrika, Ujjai, Brahmaree and Anuloma Viloma. Participants will learn how to incorporate these tools within an overall asana sequence and also as an independent breathwork sequence for emotional self-healing and teaching meditation. This strong foundation will be extended through an exploration of the traditional yogic theories, practices and corresponding modern day scientific findings behind these ancient pranayama techniques.

This powerful tool of breath can bring many benefits for wellbeing – relevant to all stages and paths of life, such as strengthening cardio-vascular health and respiratory capacity, enabling the release of long-term suppressed emotions, managing chronic pain, improving energy levels and concentration and reprogramming the brain’s resilience to trauma.

A deep dive in the benefits of Breathwork!

Make the most of this moment with yoga alliance’s limited time virtual course offerings!

  • A strong foundation in authentic pranayama and breathwork techniques – and deepen that knowledge by continuing with a Pranayama Masters Program – 100YTT. Discounted pricing available for those undertaking both programs;
  • Programs incorporating an in depth exploration of classical techniques and philosophy as passed down through the Nath lineage;
  • Study in an accessible, flexible, virtual format at a 300 hour level using Yoga Alliance’s limited time virtual course exemption (ending December 2021);
  • Catering to YTT200 graduates, looking to complete their YTT300 hour studies or working towards becoming a 1000hour designation.
  • Equipping graduates to confidently teach artful, balanced sequences in specialist themes.
Breathwork Training Outline
  • Pranayama ~ Introductions to the History & Philosophy of the Adi Nath Shiva Lineage

  • Breathwork Techniques ~ Study of key traditional pranayamas, bandhas and mudras

  • The Anatomy of Your Breath ~ Exploring the physiological systems behind breathing

  • Yogic Anatomy ~ Exploring the energy systems behind prana and pranic healing

  • Artful Breathwork Sequences to share with students and support your community

  • Methodology ~ Gradually development of teaching skills with appropriate cues and timing

  • Dinacharya ~Yogic and ayurvedic lifestyle holistic toolkit

  • Guest teachers and subject matters experts to integrate ancient techniques with modern science

  • Practicum ~ Teach and get feedback on your technique under the guidance of a Master Teacher Trainer

Weekend Half-Day Schedule 

• July 10, July 11    • July 31, Aug 1    • August 7, August 8

6-11:30am PST (2 – 7:30 pm BST, 3 – 8:30 pm CET)

An Intensive Sadhana Week To Step-Up Into Your Teacher Role Leading Up to Guru Pournima

July 17-23

6-11:30AM PST (2 – 7:30 pm BST, 3 – 8:30 pm CET)

Practice sessions: every Wednesday

from July 14 to Aug 25 

6-7.30 am PST (2 – 3:30 BST, 3 – 4:30 CET)

Whilst attendance requirements must be met in line with Yoga Alliance standards, recordings will be made available for participants who cannot attend two to four sessions due to unavoidable circumstances. Please do let us know any sessions you will not be able to attend prior to registration by emailing our Community Manager, Jot Anant, at Please do include the session dates and times.

This Breathwork course is a prerequisite

for those wanting to hone their subject matter expertise via our YTT 100 Pranayama Masters (Breathwork Expert) Training Program. To support the sharing of this authentic wellbeing and allow increased access to this unique opportunity at a time that it is most needed, discounted pricing will be available to those enrolling in both courses.

Akhanda Yoga is a world renowned registered school for 300 hour YTT trainings. We offer a variety of 100 hour YTT programs, including the above mentioned YTT 100 Pranayama Foundations (Breathwork Training) Program and 100 YTT Pranayama Masters (Breathwork Expert) Training Program, which can be combined to create your own custom specialisation for RYT500 or RYT1000 hour designations.

Join us to partake in an in-depth exploration of carefully preserved wisdom from the Adi Nath Shiva lineage, wisely blended with over 40 years of practical experience with a Master Teacher Trainer! The benefits of breathwork are beginning to be better understood and explored by the medical and scientific research communities – enhance your wisdom and toolkit to serve the many who are seeking breathwork support.

YTT 100 Pranayama Foundations (Breathwork Training) Program : 10th July to 25th August, join this paced course to build a strong foundation using 3 weekend mornings, one intensive week and weekly teaching practice!

YTT 100 Pranayama Masters (Breathwork Expert) Training Program : 30th October to 15th December, exploring rare to find in depth philosophy and practices of Pranayama for different doshas, seasons and body types over 7 weekends and ongoing techniques practice!


YTT 100 Pranayama Foundations (Breathwork Training) Program

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YTT 100 Pranayama Foundations (Breathwork Training) Program and YTT 100 Pranayama Masters (Breathwork Expert) Training Program Combined.

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We are proud to offer scholarship opportunities for this program. Please email our Community Manager, Jot Anant, to apply.
(applications are due by June 15th)

Course Requirement

Certified 200 hours Yoga Teacher or permission from our Head Trainer