Today we want to send wishes of love and support to those of you who are in the areas most affected by the virus. We also want to share tips on on how to keep your mood and immune system high to ward off infection.

I say mood for a few reasons:

A) Stress is known to reduce immunity. When you’re in ‘fight or flight’ due to fear, worry or rushing, your body sends energy and attention to the muscles and takes it away from other systems like digestion and immune function so you can run away from the proverbial tiger. But when your body needs to prepare to combat a virus, you need to do the opposite. You need to stay more often in ‘rest, digest and repair’ mode, so your immunity will be high.

B) Social isolation measures are important now in certain areas of the globe, but they can cause loneliness, frustration, stress and depression. So, many of us will need to find ways to focus in order to take care of extra details and stay engaged with the world, hope, and our sense of purpose while at home.

Yoga can be instrumental in both of the above as well as giving tips and tools to keep us engaged and boosti our immune system.

With this in mind, Yogrishi Vishvketu has listed five things to focus on at this time:

1) Regularity and Engagement

2) Release Stress

3) Energize your Environment

4) Immune Boosting Foods

5) Jal Neti

Regularity and Engagement

The body works best when we are regular with sleeping, regular with eating and regular with our practice. Even if you are working from home or have to stay inside, keep yourself regular and engaged. Continue to observe a routine. This will protect your mood and your ‘rest, digest and repair’ functions. If you need a boost in motivation, Akhanda Yoga has free yoga classes and talks, such as Enthusiasm and Excitement, on YouTube.

Release Stress – Techniques for Calming and Centring

If you feel nervous or upset, try laying abdominal breathing. Just lay down and place your hands on your belly and breathe — when you inhale allow the belly to softly rise and when you exhale it sinks back. This can be done several times a day to come back to a relaxed and restored state. Bumble bee breath and alternate nostril breathing are also very helpful. In the video clip, Vishva-ji offers other dynamic breathing technique for immunity.

Energize Your Environment

To keep the Prana high and help protect your environment from germs, you can use a diffuser with clove and eucaliptus oils. Alternatively, you may try burning sage and smudging your home (ritually carrying the smoking sage through the house to release the herbal properties into the air).

Immune Boosing Foods

In India, Ayurvedic and Yogic Life Wisdom are practiced to help people at especially vulnerable times of the year, such as the change of seasons. Now is a time when we need to protect ourselves with anti viral and anti inflammatory foods, such as:





Bee pollen or propolis

Tulsi (Holy basil)

You may wish to make a tea by placing a few cups of water in a pot to boil and then simmer with crushed ginger root, some whole cloves, cinnamon and a few slices of garlic. Then just leave the pot to cool on the stove and strain cups to drink throughout the day. You can alternate this type of very heating tea with Tulsi tea.

Ginger slices can also be chewed. Bee pollen can be sprinkled on cereal. Propolis is the protective property bees line their hives with. You can buy it in tincture form and take drops in a small amount of water or on the tongue.

Jal Neti

Jal Neti for Cleansing Nostrils

Nasal cleansing is great to do at this time as viruses enter our system primarily through the nose and mouth. Jal Neti is performed by rinsing the nose with warm salty water. If you want more cleansing effect, make the warm water slightly saltier than soup. Also, you can take ginger root and squeeze a drop of ginger juice into the salty water to help remove viral and bacterial germs from your nostrils. You can use a similar preparation to gargle with for your throat. Afterwards, lubricate your nostrils with mustard seed oil or if you do not have, olive oil.

We hope the above videos series helps with these practices.

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We at Akhanda Yoga wish you all wellness and peace at this challenging time.