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Akhanda Yoga at Kripalu

As many of you know, in less than two months, Vishva-ji will be offering an intensive weekend workshop exploring the Five Koshas at Kripalu Centre in Lenox, Massachusetts. Kripalu has long been a beacon for holistic yoga studies and transformational education in a heritage building designed for studying self and spirit. We’d love to have you join us there for the workshop and to soak up the prana in the Berkshires. Today, I’d like to share with you here some of my personal reflections about Kripalu.

Kripalu is truly a unique and special place where I’ve had the joy of retreating and studying every few years since 2004. The living-green labyrinth is on the cover of my FaceBook profile. This is a testament to the transformational experiences I’ve had at Kripalu, supported by the expansive and sacred grounds and the intentional, holistic and student-centred teaching methodology the Centre embodies. As an educator, I respect and admire the integrity with which Kripalu has researched pedagogy (what makes good teaching) and become a forerunner in transformational teaching and learning. I always feel welcomed and that individuals are honoured for what they contribute while they’re present at Kripalu. What a gift to be a part of this space.

In his book, the Wisdom of Yoga, Stephen Cope describes a group of dedicated practitioners who hold space for each other on integrating yoga into their lived experience. They walk and help out in the Kripalu grounds, they hike the paths up into the Berkshire Hills, leave symbols on the rocks, transform through walking meditation. Both the natural setting, the energetic legacy of practitioners on the site and the camaraderie and fellowship of others are a great part of the magic that can happen at Kripalu.

I think my first stay was just 24 hours and it felt like a week. I attended a sharing circle orientation, ate with new friends overlooking the lawns and lake, had a steam bath, attended a drumming circle, meditated in the sunrise room and of course, was held for two nurturing yoga sessions. That’s 24-hours Kripalu-style! My stays later increased to a weekend, then two stays of five days, and two of nine. I believe in how we’re invited to ‘show up’ at Kripalu. It resonates so much with me and with all that we do at Akhanda Yoga, and this is why we’re so excited for Vishva-ji to be presenting in this space.

At Akhanda Yoga, we are also deeply interested in teaching methodology and what it means to be in circle together. It is just such a great fit and we’re so honoured to be able to offer Akhanda Yoga at Kripalu. Vishva-ji will be making use of the outdoor fire pit for an opening fire puja to anchor us all in the process, and then delving into practices for all of the Koshas or layers of being: asana, pranayama, mantra, visualization, Yoga Nidra and meditation. Aligning the koshas is alignment with the Whole! Let’s connect to our true nature together – joyful, expansive, playful and fearless!

Register soon, as this weekend of yoga in community is less than 2 months away! Get ready for a full reboot, refresh, restore! You’re worth it!!

Dates: May 18 – 20, 2018
Register at: Kripalu Center



  • Karen Arp-Sandel
    Posted at 09:41h, 21 May Reply

    Chetana, it was as such a pleasure to meet you! I agree that Akhanda Yoga & Kripalu Are a great fit. I felt this in the very first Yoga class I attended in Rishikesh with Vishveketu in 2017. It was immediate connection! This continued into my 2018 visit to Yogrishi ‘s classes at the Ashram, at the IYF in Parmarth Niketan Ashram & even to th magical class with him at The Beatles Ashram. Being with you & Vishve-ji at Kripalu for the 5 Koshas Prgram was extraordinary. Thank you for coming& for bringing the teachings to share with us! I look forward to seeing you all again. Janis & I will be in Rishikesh in February 2019! Namaste, Karen Arp-Sandel
    Kripalu Yoga Faculty, founder Vibrant Visionary Collage Community, Director of : Visionary Mandala Journey & Vibrant Visionary Collage programs, International Trip Leader, Travel artist and volunteer art teacher at Ramana’s Garden

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