The sixth and seventh chakras form a kind of helmet or energy around the head. The Third Eye is connected with the pineal gland, waking and sleeping and the uplifting hormone, serotonin. The Crown connects to the pituitary and all of its functions including the bonding and well-being hormone, oxytocin. And so, any work with this area of the body can have profound impacts on mood, sleep and one’s overall sense of connection, including a deep sense of intuition in creative arts and in all of the small decisions that make up the forward movement of a life.

 How to Balance the Brow Chakra:

  • For vibrating the Third Eye, for sleep, and for releasing stress at deep levels of the mind, there is no simple tool quite like Bhramaree Pranayama. The last part of Om, Bhramaree involves placing your tongue on the palate and gently closing the teeth, and sending the ‘mmmmm’ sound of the bees up into the skull. Inhale deeply and hum with a long exhalation. Repeat this nine times in the evening before a creative pursuit or before bed and you’ll be golden!
  • If you can, gaze at the moon. The unctuous full moon is the Yantra for this chakra.
  • Softly chant Poornamada, Poornamidam, Poornat – all is full in relation to the Third Eye.
  • Or go on a walk in the forest and just hear the sounds without sending your listening mind out with it. Just hear the sounds without labelling them. Allow a deep symbolic knowing to flow into you from the universe, call down the wisdom fields into your Buddhi (insight mind) without engaging too much with linear thinking. Once a symbol or image appear to you, sketch it or try to tune into what this symbol is telling you, from this place of deeper knowing.
  • Need some more techniques to get you there: Try Shoulderstand and Fish, with gazing at the tip of the nose. And then Child’s pose with your brow pressing on the back of your hands or on the mat.
  • Next, move into deep and slow Anuloma Viloma using the abdomen to control the slowness of the breath. Sip the air as if through a nostril straw from the tip of the nose to the third eye, and from the third eye to the tip of the nose. Restrain the breath and energy into this small area.
  • And then release the hand mudra and move into Unmani mudra, turning the eyes in and up toward the third eye to meditate on a small point of light in the centre of the brain. If you need to, silently repeat Om – Om. And you’re there!

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