The festive season can leave you feeling like you need a holiday! So, this weekend, why not give yourself time to relax and restore! If you’re an AYO Member or want to try the free trial, click here and you’ll be taken to Eila Devi’s Akhanda Restorative class on Akhanda Yoga Online.

It is important for our body, heart, mind and spirit that we find a balance between the solar and lunar energies. Most of us tend to be more familiar with solar energy; movement, heat, enthusiasm, inspiration, motivation, etc. But excessive solar energy can lead to exhaustion and/or depletion, leaving us feeling burnt out.

This is where our lunar yoga practices come into play. The energy of the moon is one of coolness, softness, soothing, calming and nurturing. It invites is to turn inward and to develop our intuition. The practices of Restorative and Yin Yoga help us to feel refreshed and recharged and also help improve sleep, stress levels as well as anxiety. They help to bring us back into balance.

Restorative classes use props to give the feeling of being fully supported. Cushions, bolsters and blocks bring the earth up to meet you so that you can release muscle tension, surrender into that support and truly restore the nervous system.

Yin allows us to hold poses for a longer period of time, and to open and release with gravity. The postures stimulate the nadis, subtle energy channels within the body, and lengthen connective tissues, increasing the circulation in the joints and helping to improve our flexibility both physically and mentally.

Though all Akhanda classes are fairly moderate and offer a process of nurturance and self discovery, these classes go even further toward surrendering and opening to receptivity.

This week give yourself the gift of slowing down, of stillness, of tapping into the meditative qualities of the lunar energy and observe how it feels to allow yourself to simply BE.

Join Lunar Akhanda YTT 100

Lunar Akhanda YTT 100

With the busy-ness of modern life and with an ageing population, we are increasingly searching for yoga classes that are slow, grounding and nurturing, and where we are supported by the earth.

Add Akhanda Restorative and Yin to your teaching repertoire by taking Eila Devi’s Lunar Akhanda Yoga YTT 100 program this March! There are only a few spots left for this intimate and ideal professional development course (24 participants max enrolment).

When: March 4 – 15, 2020

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