We have been camping this summer – it is so restorative to be out in nature, smelling the trees, swimming in lakes and walking on soft red pine needles, river stones or sand in bare feet. All of these smells, sounds and textures bring us back into harmony with the cosmic energy of nature. Which makes it a great time to tell you about my talk on the Pranas at the Hanuman Academy online gathering. But first, when camping, how to prepare a quick meal over an open fire. How about pesto pizza and baked sweet potatoes!

Pack for your Trip:

  • Package of English Muffins
  • Jar of homemade or prepared pesto
  • A hard cheese, like cheddar and a slicer OR a cheese with a crust, like Brie
  • One sweet potato per person
  • Tinfoil
  • Knife and camping plates

Sweet Potatoes:

Since the potatoes will take longer (but not as long as regular potatoes), as soon as the fire is lit, poke them in a few places with a fork and wrap them in tinfoil. Place the wrapped sweet potatoes in the midst of the hot coals. In about 20 minutes, they’ll be soft and steamy, and you can grab them with a fork, gently open the tinfoil with the fork and make sure the potato is soft. Then just slice or split the skin and scoop out the tasty, naturally flavourful centres!

How to Prepare the Pesto Pizza:

This is so easy to prepare, you’ll be eating dinner and enjoying the sunset in no time!

First, slice the English Muffins and pre-toast them on the grill or on sticks above an open fire.

Next, lay them on the camping plates and slather them with pesto!

Slice brie or cheddar and lay on top of the pesto on your mini pizzas.

Finally, place the prepared pizzas back on the grill or on rocks by the fire.

When the cheese starts to melt, the pizzas are ready! Enjoy your outdoor meal!!